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Red Tiger Gaming was one of the first gaming companies to combine the strengths of Asia and Europe, or at least the one to do it successfully. They’ve since established themselves in pretty much all markets, and have become known for their innovative takes on casino games and casino gaming in general.

Like with so many other studios, Red Tiger Gaming too didn’t stay independent for too long. Once the success was clear, they were acquired by Net Entertainment in 2019. This hasn’t changed all that much when it comes to the company itself, as it still keeps pushing out exemplary casino games with the same qualities. If you’re not familiar with these yet, why not take a look with the help of one of our no deposit bonus offers?

About Red Tiger Gaming

The company was founded in 2014 by a group of casino experts from Asia and Europe. Right from the start Red Tiger Gaming concentrated on online slots, aiming to perfect the mathematics, graphics, audio effects, interface, software and every other part of online gaming that matters.

It didn’t take long for everyone in the industry to notice that the company was quickly coming up with products that players were after. This is evident from the swarm of awards they grabbed in all iGaming events. In just a handful of years, the company also spread their games throughout the vast majority of online casinos, proving that what they offer is leagues ahead of most competing software companies.

Something you should really keep an eye on are the daily jackpots, and other similar fast-track wins that require nothing extra beyond playing your favourite slots. As usual, the company is always seeking to innovate and improve on what they offer online casino players. We’re sure they still have a long and glorious trek in front of them, and we suggest you join them on that.

Online Slots and Table Games

Granted, it’s mostly online slots with a few table games thrown in for good measure. But who’s to say they won’t expand in that regard later on, especially if they can bring forth some of the more popular Asian table games. Luckily, online slots are a perfect breeding ground for no deposit bonuses or other similar casino bonuses. And obviously, they are also the most popular form of online gaming in casinos.

The themes are an obvious giveaway that we’re in the presence of something a bit different here. Not that you wouldn’t run into familiar ones too, or ones that draw inspiration from popular culture and history. It’s just that obviously there are a lot of Asian influences mixed in, and they don’t just scratch the surface at that. As impressive as the themes are, it’s all the other qualities of these online slots that explain their popularity.

Red Tiger Gaming was one of the first software developers to come up with the sorts of special progressive jackpots that are not tied to single games. Sure enough, jackpots have always been part of slot games, but their hourly, daily, rapid and other jackpots take the concept to new levels. Especially when they must hit on that time period.

Big wins are obviously a thing on all other slots too. This also means that generally the variance is cranked to be pretty high. This is something that remains consistent throughout the different reel setups, whether we are talking about the classic five paylines or the hundred thousand ways to win in Megaways.

There’s a wealth of features for those players that are interested in in-game bonuses and not just no deposit casino offers. Start with pick-a-win specials, claim those instant wins, or go for bonus spins, multipliers, mini-games, all sorts of wilds, or even branded features like Infinityspins. Whatever it is that you prefer, you can find it here. And remember, with every spin you can also claim one of those progressive jackpots.

Red Tiger Gaming No Deposit Casino Bonus

If you’re after a no deposit casino, feel free to take a look at the list we have provided. These are online casinos that deal out the best no deposit bonuses. When it comes to Red Tiger Gaming and no deposit bonuses, the situation is quite open. These are online slots, which means that they can usually be enjoyed with all sorts of bonuses.

Not to mention that Red Tiger Gaming is a pretty forward-thinking company, with a software suite that allows for plenty of customisation on the casino’s end. They can therefore offer all possible bonuses from cash to bonus spins, tournaments, and whatever else they can think of. Given that the company is pretty innovative, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out they’ve come up with new ways of bonuses, events and promotions.


1. What are Red Tiger Gaming jackpots?

These are a collection of progressive jackpots. They are not tied to any individual game, rather each spins played on each game on each online casino increases the pot. The difference to normal progressive jackpots is that these pots must hit on a certain time period. For example, the daily jackpot is guaranteed to hit once a day. The closer you get to the end of the day, the higher the chance of winning. Considering this, the wins are quite high.

2. Are there no deposit bonuses available for these games?

That depends on the online casino you choose to play at. Pick one of our suggestions and you get the best chance of landing a no deposit casino bonus.

3. What are the wagering requirements for Red TIger Gaming bonuses?

There are usually no such things for bonuses and events offered directly by the company. On the casino’s side, the software allows for all sorts of settings.

4. Are these online slots available on mobile devices?

Red Tiger Gaming online slots are available on all devices that come with a web browser.

5. Which licences does the company have?

At the moment Red Tiger Gaming has licences from Malta and the UK Gamblin Commission. Given that Red Tiger was bought by NetEnt, which was in turn bought by Evolution Gaming, you can be sure that the games are available in all licences jurisdictions soon.

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